Greetings coaches!  This page is designed to give you a layout of the Spring Competitive program and what to expect when preparing for the season.  



The Spring Competitive Program is a traveling soccer league that includes teams from all over Montana.  This league is run within Montana Youth Soccer Assoc, which is the largest youth sport organization in Montana.   This league goes beyond recreational youth soccer, introduces a higher level of the game, and gives young soccer players a chance to play at a competitive level against teams from all over our region.  This program is designed to give a chanc




We’ll be fielding teams in the U12, U14, U16, & U18 age groups for both boys and girls.  Tryouts will be held at Smith Fields, in Whitefish. On Friday, October 21st registered families will receive tryout information and where each age group will be located and expectations of the tryout experience.   Age groups will be formed by birth year, but Montana Youth Soccer gives us some flexibility, if we have special circumstances.

Tryout Dates: 

Monday, October 24, 2016: 4-6pm

Wednesday, October 26, 2016  4-6pm

Coaches will arrive 3:30pm, at the latest, on both days.  You’ll need time to set up your training and go over your age group with assistant/Directors.  You will be given additional instructions before the start of the season.  

Tryout Format

  • 4-4:10pm - coach introduction, role call, player expectations
  • 4:10-4:20pm - warm-up
  • 4:20-4:45pm - technical warm-up activity with ball
  • 4:45-5:15pm - small-sided activity (1v1) (2v2)
  • 5:15-5:45pm - full-sided scrimmage
  • 5:45-6:00pm - shooting activity

After tryouts are over, our Director and coaching staff will meet after each session and discuss the age group.  It will take a few days to look at our age groups in depth and coaches/Director will make selections.  Coaches will make contact with families within 5 days to give results of the tryouts. Our goal is to provide all players a chance to play at their age/ability level. It’s important that we take time to make good decisions and find a good environment for each player.  Coaches will make individual calls to families within 5 days of the tryout. 

Player Expectations

The tryout experience can be an intimidating process for our youth players.  Our coaching staff is looking for players, who are not only talented soccer players, but players that work hard, listen, are respectful to staff/teammates, follow instruction, are punctual, enjoy the game, and can be a part of a team.  We encourage all players work hard and showcase their talents throughout the tryout process.  Again, our ultimate goal is to find every player, at every level, the chance to play in a healthy environment to develop and enjoy the game. 



NEW this season, we’ll have full access to a new indoor soccer facility located in Kalispell!  A group of soccer lovers in the Flathead Valley has purchased removable artificial turf to be put down in the Fairgrounds building, in Kalispell.  The Rapids are going to take full advantage of this opportunity and provide numerous opportunities for our players to have a great Winter soccer experience!  We’re going to offer our teams indoor league play and team training, as well as other soccer opportunities.  

In addition to this Kalispell location, we’ll be offering indoor training opportunities in Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and Evergreen.  Each team training schedule/location will be slightly different, but we’ll be training 1-2 times per week, starting in January and building towards more training in the Spring season.  


Outdoor training will start as soon as the snow melts in April.  You’ll have a minimum of 2 trainings per week, with the ability to do more, if you and your families are committed.  All training is at Smith Fields, in Whitefish.  We give you the flexibility to train at times that are convenient for you and your team.  Once your training schedule is set, you’ll have access to your field at those time slots.  It’s recommended that your training is a minimum of 90 minutes, but can be extended 30 min, if you think it’s necessary.  



We’ve designed a page specifically for our competitive coaches, which has tons of resources to aid you on your path to coaching.

Click here to view



Each competitive coach will receive both a stipend and reimbursement of their travel expenses.  

  • Coaches Stipend: $1,100
  • Coaches Travel Reimbursement:  Up to $1,000

* Reimbursable travel expenses, include fuel & lodging.  The club will only reimburse up to $1,000.  In the past it’s very rare that coaches go over this amount.  


Each competitive coach is assigned a bag of training balls, scrimmage vests, futsal training balls, different sized cones, and pugg goals.  This equipment is yours to keep for the duration of the season and will be checked back in after your season is over.  

* Each season, some teams lose balls.  Please try to keep track of these and keep a count throughout the season.


Each competitive coach will be assigned a warm-up set, with pants and jacket and a coaches t-shirt, which is yours to keep.  Warm-ups need to be returned at the end of the season.  We’re hoping to add to the coaches gear, but will up-date you with that.  


We want to continue to offer our Rapids coaches more resources and opportunities to expand your knowledge of the game and create a better environment for our players.  Depending on your goal as a coach, there are different licenses for your stages of development.  The first license is the E course and it moves up from there.  We usually bring 1-2 E or D license clinics to the Flathead Valley and clinics are being scheduled all over the state.  If you’re new to coaching and unsure of the structure of these clinics, we’ve provided some links below.  

Click here to see the scheduled clinics in Montana

Click here to read more about these clinics from US Youth Soccer


NEW this season, the Rapids will be implementing a club curriculum, which will guide you throughout the season.  We're currently working on establishing this and will up-date you this Winter, as we start to implement this new structure.  



Oct 23rd/24th - tryouts 

Oct 28th - selections announced

Early November - team managers established, parent meetings scheduled, and 

Mid-November - indoor leagues begin (TBD)

January - indoor training begins

March - possible pre-season tournaments

  • Stevenville Spring Classic
  • Blue Mountain Exchange

March - outdoor training begins

2nd Week in April - Spring Competitive season begins

Mid-June - MYSA State Cup and Showcase Tournament: Spring Competitive season ends