The Flathead Rapids are dedicated to providing our local communities with high-quality soccer programs that focus on player development as well as personal growth.


The Flathead Rapids look to create an environment that helps foster young players’ physical, mental, and social growth. Through participation in our soccer program, players can learn the necessary skills to reach their full potential. We strive to produce well-rounded athletes and citizens—a standard that college coaches and professionals alike will recognize. We expect those who graduate from our development program to be quality players and quality individuals who can have success at the next level of whatever endeavors they choose. 


1-     Develop the Person, not just the Athlete

Youth sports are not just a vehicle for recreation and health. Our goal is to complement the home and school environments to help develop good character, self-confidence, independence, good values, and teamwork in all our players.

2-     Develop the Player, not just the Team

We focus on maintaining a healthy balance between team-building and individual development. We understand that a youth team is just one step in developing a complete individual, and in the future each player will be part of a new team and a new challenge. We expect each team to serve the developmental requirements of the player. We do not “play for the win” at the expense of development – we strive to create an environment where every player grows as a player and an individual at their maximum rate without sacrificing their potential for the good of the team.

3-     Develop Intrinsic Motivation and Enjoyment

To reach maximum development goals and progress to the next level, we know that athletes must be self-motivated to attain success. Motivation comes with commitment and enjoyment, and as such we always remember that this game is supposed to be fun. When players have fun they are more committed, and when they are committed they work harder, and when they work harder they achieve more success. Inspiring players to achieve success for themselves starts with remembering why we are involved in this sport in the first place.

4-     Play Good Soccer

The Rapids style of play is creative, quick, possession-oriented, attacking soccer. Offensively our players will maintain composure and utilize their support players. Attacks will be built out from the back with the ball remaining on the ground as much as possible, with individual expression and creativity highly encouraged. We will dictate on the tempo of the game through quick ball movement, smart decision-making, and creative attacks by multiple groups of players. Defensively our teams maintain good shape with immediate pressure on the ball, with solid support and quick recoveries. We will dictate the tempo of the game on defense through our quick pressure and isolation of space, forcing the opponent into low-percentage opportunities. Kicking the ball and chasing it, aimless balls, reliance on over-physical play, and continuous individual attacks will be discouraged.