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Age Groups

U10 Boys and Girls

U11 Boys and Girls

U12 Boys and Girls


The Fall Competitive program is designed to provide a competitive/advanced environment for players ready for the next level. Fall Competitive offers high level Rapids' and Flathead Valley United coaching staff, with age appropriate advanced training, and opportunities to play teams from all over the region, through the fall competitive league. Teams are formed through an EVALUATION process. Those players not selected to these teams have the option to play in our MICRO program or our new MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRAM.


SEASON DATES: August 19th - October 19th (9 Weeks)


  • August 5 & 6

  • 8-9:30am

  • Smith Fields, Whitefish

GENDER: Boys & Girls

AGES: 2010/11 (U10), 2009 (U11), 2008 (U12)

**2007 (U13) and 2006 (U14) will be run jointly through Flathead Valley United!


  • U10: Friendlies scheduled between clubs and against regional U10 competitive teams

  • U11 and U12: Registered within the MYSA Fall Competitive League.

TOURNAMENTS: Registration fees include two tournaments throughout the fall season. Teams can choose from the following tournaments.


  • August 5/6: Evaluations

  • August 19: First week of training

  • September 7: Pend Oreille Cup

  • September 14: Missoula Jamboree

  • September 21: Tamarack Tournament

  • September 28: TBD

  • October 5: Whitefish Jamboree

  • October 12: Kalispell Jamboree

  • October 19: Sleeping Giant Tournament

**For the U10 teams, we’ll try our best to have games on each one of these dates. For many reasons and potential scheduling conflicts, there maybe no teams to play on a couple of these weekends, but will make up with games during the week, which is TBD.


Coaching staff will be releases shortly.


  • 2010/11 (U10) - TBD

  • 2009 (U11) - TBD

  • 2008 (U12) - TBD


  • 2010/11 (U10) - TBD

  • 2009 (U11) - TBD

  • 2008 (U12) - TBD


Teams will train 2-3 times/week. Practice times will be set in August.


  • 2010/11 (U10) - TBD

  • 2009 (U11) - TBD

  • 2008 (U12) - TBD


  • 2010/11 (U10) - TBD

  • 2009 (U11) - TBD

  • 2008 (U12) - TBD


The Technical Director, Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and volunteer assistants will assist in team formations. We are focused on creating competitive teams that provide the best level of team competition and individual player development possible. We are typically very familiar with a player's ability level, but will still hold a few practice sessions to assess the group and decide how best to organize teams. Playing up is prohibited by the state for the U11 and U12 age group. With many different programs, in the fall, the club ensures that each player will have a quality environment, whether it be within the ACADEMY PROGRAM or our MICRO/MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRAMS.

There will be more info on the evaluation process, after you’re registered. If our staff conclude that the player is better suited for our MICRO/MIDDLE SCHOOL programs, players will be enrolled into those leagues and fees will be adjusted.



$350 For U10

$400 for U11 and U12

2 Tournaments are included into these registration fees. No tournament fees will be required, unless team wants to attend more than 2 throughout the fall season.

You MUST register for these teams before August 1st to ensure we form teams in a timely manner.

Late Fee for $20 will be charged on and after August 1st.

After you’ve completed the registration process, we’ll be sending out information in preparation for the evaluation dates.

JERSEYS: After 8 years of supplying free jerseys to our families, we’re making a slight adjustment. Each family will pay a small fee for the Fall Academy jerseys. U10/U11 will pay $20 for their jerseys and U12 will pay $40 for their jersey kit. These jerseys will be kept after the season and will not need to be turned back in. Since U12 has a full five piece kit, including warm-ups, the fee is more than the U10/U11 fee. There’re a few reasons that the board has chosen to do this:

  • We bought these jerseys 8 years ago and now it’s time to update

  • There was an extensive amount of volunteer hours to keep the jerseys on-hand and distribute/collect them after each season.

  • Players really wanted to keep their jerseys, so they could where them around the community.

  • We evaluated other clubs and this seemed to be the best option.


If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please fill out and submit the form here

Payment plans available:

U10: 3 Payment Plan: $150, $150, and $100

U11/U12: 3 Payment Plan: $150, $150, and $100

If you would still like to be involved in the program, please contact:

For Registration questions,

please contact Cynthia Benkelman at:


For program questions: