The Flathead Rapids have only succeeded when we’ve accomplished our goals—on and off the field.

On the Field

We want all our players to proudly wear the Flathead Rapids crest, but we know that pride only comes when we offer the highest level of competitive soccer. We do this through a multipronged approach.

  • Development Plan - Our comprehensive development plan is a progressive system designed to help players build and grow from year to year. This plan helps ensure a consistent, unified message and player experience across all Rapids teams.
  • High-Level Coaching - Good play doesn’t happen without good coaches, so we do everything we can to hire the best coaching talent. We then provide that talent with the resources they need to succeed, including our development plan, reimbursement for national coaching licenses, and more.
  • Good Style of Soccer - We promote and practice good technical skills in all our training sessions, but we provide a unique competitive advantage by emphasizing vision and tactics as well. We train players to understand soccer, see the game well, and anticipate the best move, and then we ensure they have the physical skill, strength, stamina, and finesse to capitalize.

Off the Field

At the Rapids, we’re not exclusively interested in creating superstar athletes; we’re also concerned with cultivating well-rounded, conscientious citizens. We achieve this by focusing on four core values in all we do.

  • Respect - Under Rapids coaching, every player will be taught the value and necessity of respect: for the coach, for teammates, for parents, for the ref, and for oneself.
  • Discipline - This principle is all about knowing your job and getting it done. Whether that’s being where you’re supposed to be on the field or turning in your homework on time, we want disciplined players—in body, mind, and attitude.
  • Teamwork - Individual skill only gets you so far in team sports. Working as a group and being there for your teammates are core tenants of what we preach.
  • Strength - We, of course, focus on physical strength and conditioning, but we’re equally concerned with mental strength. Regardless of circumstances, our players should fight to the best of their abilities until the final whistle—every time.