The Flathead Rapids Mentoring program goes beyond teams, camps, or academies. This program was developed to introduce the Flathead Valley and the State of Montana with its first 1 on 1 private training program for youth soccer players. It takes 10,000 hours of deliberate training to become a top class soccer player. With our private training we can speed up this process and extract the best potential out of our players.

Our players receive a fully individual and customized program that focuses on a player’s weaknesses as well as their strengths. With this type of individual training we have a big picture view on a player’s development. We're looking to develop our local players into a high level of success in high school, college, and beyond. With camps, academies, club teams, and private training the Rapids can provide the Flathead Valley with the essential ingredients for success in soccer.

How do you sign up?  

Step 1 - Click on the "Register Here" button below and fill out the required information.

              ***All players will pay an initial $20 fee to cover 1 year of insurance and gear usage for this program***

Step 2 - Review session packages and decide what you feel is the best deal for your needs. 

Step 3 - You will be contacted by the Rapids to discuss which coaches you might be interested in working with. We have a number of coaches available with varying degrees of availability. A list of club-approved coaches is below. 

Step 4 - Scheduling of sessions will be done directly between the participant and the coach. All payments will then be made directly to the coach. 

Options include: 

*All sessions are 1 hour long

*Listed prices do not include the initial $20 registration/insurance fee

Private Mentoring Coaches:

Ryan Heflin

Roland Benedict

Chris Fannon

Kat Dickson

... More to come!