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It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN WIN….

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Here is information on the entry-level soccer referee clinic being held at the Evergreen Fire Hall (2236 Hwy 2 E) on November 4-5, 2017.  At least 2 more entry-level clinics will be conducted during Jan-Mar of 2018.  These clinics are suitable for both adults and teenagers.  Some experience playing or coaching soccer is helpful, but not necessary.

If you know folks who might be interested in supporting and learning more about our sport, please pass this along to them.  Attending a clinic does not obligate a person to officiate at a certain number of soccer matches, unless they want to have a local club pay for their clinic participation.

A separate email about how current or past refs can re-certify will be sent in early 2018.

FIRST, participants are encouraged to visit – look for “Soccer Links” on the right edge and click on “FIFA Laws of the Game 2017-2018.”  (There is no need to register for since you can access many referee resources and links without signing in.) Or this link should take you directly there:!/laws   Downloading the Laws of the Game (LOTG) onto a pad, laptop of other device (or printing the 200+ page document) will be helpful during the clinic, and also while completing the required online modules.  You can also find a PDF version of LOTG at the website.

Participants will need to provide an email address they have access to.  Information will be sent to that email address about new interpretations of LOTG, future clinics/meetings, and referee assignments.  So it is important that somebody check for emails at least a couple times each week.


Clinic participants will need to pay for the clinic online with a credit or debit card.  (Those who complete the clinic & help officiate at least 5 matches can apply to their home club to have clinic fees refunded.  I believe local clubs also reimburse clinic fees & annual recertification fees for youth referees up to age 18.

REGISTRATION.  Click on this link to register for the clinic:

New referees should follow the instructions to create a User ID and Password – be sure to make a record of it.  Previously certified refs with a gap of more than 2 years or those who wish to retake the complete clinic instead of the annual 3-hour refresher should use their 16-digit USSF number as User ID and their last name as Password.  It is not case sensitive.

A Grade 8 clinic consists of 6 classroom hours plus a lunch break on Saturday, and 3 classroom hours on Sunday afternoon.  All 9 hours are required (plus the online modules discussed below).  By the way, Grade 8 has nothing to do with 8th grade in school.

  ONLINE MODULES.  After registering for the entry-level Grade 8 ref clinic, participants need to complete a number of online modules before showing up for the classroom sessions.  This will take about six hours, and will make the information presented during the 9-hour clinic much easier to understand. 

Those who fail to complete the online modules ahead of time will not be allowed to attend the clinic.  If you can spend 2-hours per night for 2 evenings, you’ll do fine.  If you try to complete it the night before the clinic starts, you will have problems.

The first module just makes sure you are able to view a video clip, and demonstrates the procedures.  Then there is a series of other modules, one for each LOTG.  They all start with a video clip (sometimes up to 4 or 5 clips), and then a brief quiz.  Take your time, since a passing score on each self-test is needed before advancing to the next module. 

If a passing score for a module is not achieved, go to the bottom of the page and click on “Exit to Course Home.”  You can view the clip(s) again, or click past them to try the quiz again.  There is no limit to the number of re-tries.  After getting a passing score, click on the blue box that says “Print for Your Records.”  (You should bring those printed pages to the clinic.) Then “Exit to Course Home” for the next module.

Participants must take the modules in the order they are listed, even if it is different from the order in LOTG.  The final module is an open-book exam.  Many of the questions are taken word-for-word from the module self-tests. 

Most of the above were new procedures in 2016, and there may still be a few bumps in the road.  But it is still less complicated and easier to navigate than the clinic procedures in 2015 and earlier.  If you have trouble, please contact me and I’ll either figure it out or else get a state-level officer involved.

A few more details – we pay $10 dues to the Flathead Soccer Refs Assoc (or FSRA) each year, so please bring cash or a check since we’re not set up at the Fire Hall to process credit cards.  Also, we’re all on our own for Saturday lunch, so bring a sack lunch or else some cash for Burger King, Subway  or whatever.

Thanks for your support of Montana Youth Soccer, and I look forward to working with you to keep the games for our local players “fair, safe and fun.”