Academy Micro Program - Ages 5-8 (2013-2010)

Our Academy Micro program is offered to ages 5-8, or all players born between 2010 and 2013.  Introducing the game of soccer in a fun and healthy environment is essential to the long-term development of a player.  Being new to the game, it’s important our Micro players are excited to play and get quality instruction.  The Micro Program is a camp-like atmosphere, with licensed coaches who run through games and activities that allow players to begin to get comfortable with the ball at their feet, listening to instruction, have fun, and be in a social environment with similarly aged participants.  Micros will train in developmentally appropriate game environments and will play in small-sided games as well as free play activities that will be coach-guided and player-centered. This program allows players to discover the game for themselves while being helped and guided by passionate coaches!

Program Quick Hits: 

  • Program Dates: April 16-June 6, 2019 - 16 Sessions (Rainouts will not be rescheduled)

  • Boys and Girls: Ages 5-8 (2010-2013)

  • Training Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm

  • Location: Smith Fields, Whitefish

  • Cost: $150/player, 10% discount for sibling in same program

  • Uniform: Rapids jersey provided for players to keep

  • Registration Deadline: March 20th or late fee will be added

Program Details:

The micro program focuses on player development. The goal is to provide players with age and developmentally appropriate training. This is achieved through a combination of good coaching and creating game like environments designed to let players grow and progress at their own pace. We facilitate activities that encourage a player centered atmosphere while engaging in guided discovery, so that our players become a part of the learning process. We will coach the kids in different capacities, but we want to avoid a coach centered program that tries to fit the kids into the adult game. We want to find the game in the player. You will notice a lot of free play or “street soccer” and small sided game activities as well. This model is being emphasized by the National Youth Soccer Federation to allow kids to learn the game in an unstructured environment without constant instruction from overbearing coaches. We need to allow players to participate and not simply do what they’re told to do at all times. We will demonstrate good technique and some tactical game application, but this program is aimed at developing players and people.

Payment Options:

We like to provide different payment options to allow players to participate regardless of a family’s financial situation.  Below are two different options for payment.  You can pay all at once or split payments into two separate payments.  Payments will be automatically drawn on the dates listed below.  

1 Payment: 

  • $150 charged on 1/20/19 (after 1/20/19) payment is charged at registration)

Payment Plan:

  • PMT 1: $75 Charged on 1/15/19

  • PMT 2: $75 Charged on 3/15/19

*If initial registration is after 1/15/19, PMT 1 will be charged at Registration

Late Registration:      

  • After March 15, uniform will not be available at beginning of season

  • $30 Late Fee After March 15

* Early registration is essential to run a successful program, please try to register before the registration deadline!

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