Program Overview: 

The Flathead Rapids Fall Recreational League is a local soccer program for all ability levels.  

Season Dates: August 27th – Oct 20th

Registration Deadline - August 19th

Eligible Birth Years: 2006-2013 (Ages ~5-12)

(Many families ask if their 4 year old can play.  We tell everyone if they’re willing and able to play then we’d love to get them involved.  Some youth players are ready at 4 years old and some are not.  You know your child and if they’re ready to go, lets get them out there!)

  • Beginners always welcome
  • Volunteer Parent Coaches
  • 1 Practice Per Week
  • 1 Game Per Week
  • First Games September 8th
  • All games will be played on Saturday mornings
  • Whitefish practices will be held at the Smith Fields Sports Complex, Columbia Falls practices will be held at Horine Park or Glacier Gateway Elementary School. 
  • All home games will be played at the same field on which the team practices
  • Away games for the older teams will be played in Kalispell or Bigfork, with Whitefish and Columbia Falls also visiting each other.   
  • Coaches are guided by the Rapids Rec Development plan, which consists of a progressive developmental model, with training session supplied to our volunteer coaches.  
  • The goal is to have fun, learn the game, and play some soccer!



Whitefish: $85 per player ($20 late fee for registering after July 31st)

Columbia Falls: $50 per player ($20 late fee for registering after July 31st)

10% discount for each additional family member in the same program

* Whitefish Rec soccer is $35/player higher than Columbia Falls Rec soccer, since Whitefish is charged $35/player to use the Smith Fields complex.  These player fees, along with a huge amount of fundraising each year keeps our beautiful facility maintained.  The Smith Fields Sports Complex is maintained by a non-profit organization (Project Whitefish Kids), who hold annual fundraisers and work with local sports clubs to keep the facility thriving.  

Jerseys: If you already have a jersey from last year and it still fits, you may re-use it this season.  If you’ve outgrown your jersey, or want an additional one, you have an option to purchase a new one through the registration process for $10.  

Players with birth years from 2009-2013 will use reversible jerseys.

Those with birth years from 2005-2008  will have different jerseys (White for Columbia Falls, Black for Whitefish).   

2008 is the birth year when the shirts change, so players who have had reversible jerseys in the past will need a new jersey if they are in the 2003-2007 birth year group.  Jerseys will be distributed at the start of the season.  

$20 late fee for registering after July 31st

Registration CLOSED August 20th

* Late registrations can cause a huge amount of disorganization and cause the whole league to suffer.  Please try to register before July 31st.

*Late registration are not guaranteed a jersey by the start of the season! These take a long time to order, and we make our best guess, but please be advised there is a chance the jersey will not arrive until after the first game has been played! Register ASAP!

Coaches Needed

Each Fall season, we struggle to find coaches for all of our teams.  We require a large volunteer coaching staff because of our need to have a healthy amount of players per team.  If we overload our rosters, we can’t provide our players with an adequate amount of playing time in games.  If you are on the fence about coaching, please step-up.  We have excellent resources and support for our volunteer coaches, including weekly practice plans and a beginning of the year coaching clinic.  If you’ve never played or don’t know the game….that’s OK! we can give you the tools to introduce and develop these new youth players.   It usually ends up being a great experience for new coaches and find it very rewarding at the end of the season.  If you would like to coach, please contact:











Find us on Facebook and stay up-to-speed with the Rapids:  Rapids Facebook Page

Looking forward to an excellent 2018 Fall Season!

Thanks for your support!

Go Rapids!